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Every industry is unique and the AMGL team takes great pride in providing the special knowledge and expertise that is needed to help you with the diverse day-to-day operations of your business. From healthcare to construction and everything in between, our professionals provide the individual attention and personalized service it takes to achieve results.

AMGL is one of Central Nebraska's largest and most diverse accounting and business consulting firms, which enable us to serve as a valuable resource to your business. These are just a few of the industries our clients are engaged in:

Agriculture – Corporate Farming

Nebraska is an agri-based economy and there has been a dramatic growth in the size of farming operations. As the size of the farms increase the need for professional business consulting services becomes essential.

Agri-businesses must place greater emphasis on efficiency through technological innovation and careful monitoring of production costs and investments. Therefore, it takes results-oriented management acting on sound and timely business advice to remain viable and competitive.

AMGL is here to provide the business advice and consulting services your agri-business needs, this includes helping you work with lenders and reviewing expansion plans with land and equipment.

Agri-businesses face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to ownership transition and estate planning. Working with current and second-generation family members, we have a focus to “keep the farm in the family.” Below are some strategies that we can assist you with:

Converting from a C corporation to an S corporation to provide cash flow to the shareholders
Structuring a significant tax-free exchange of low-income producing assets to more productive assets
Issuing nonvoting common stock to the current stockholders
Gifting voting stock to future management and nonvoting stock to others
Forming a life insurance trust and purchasing life insurance for estate tax-free cash at death of current generation
Providing for a desired income stream to the current and second-generation stockholders
Reducing estate taxes at the current owners’ deaths


Governmental entities are faced with unique challenges, including budget limits, choosing from various financing alternatives for capital projects, analyzing rates for its business-type activities, managing cash flows, and complying with Federal and State grants.

We work with a variety of governmental entities, including cities and villages, school districts and special purpose governments. Our services include auditing, budget preparation, rate analysis, and consulting on a variety of topics.

We analyze key ratios for governmental entities and compare these ratios to peer groups, so management can determine financial strengths and weaknesses. This unique benchmarking approach enables governments to identify potential problem areas and find solutions before they become disasters.


AMGL has been providing professional services to not-for-profit organizations for over 30 years. We currently provide professional services on behalf of over 40 not-for-profit organizations.

Our experience demonstrates that the most successful organizations have set goals and established long-range plans. We can assist you in setting your goals and reaching your objectives by asking the right questions.

Once your goals and objectives have been established, we can then assist you in the preparation of a budget and long-range plan. In addition to providing a basis for the goal-setting and planning process, budgets and long range plans are commonly used to monitor activities and highlight deviations from planned operations.

The financial reports of your not-for-profit organization merit special attention because they often determine the amount of funding your organization will receive. We can assist you in the preparation of these statements and optimize your organization’s opportunity to receive more funds.

While elaborate internal controls are sometimes impractical due to the size of an organization, certain critical procedures should always be followed. We can recommend controls that will help safeguard assets, produce accurate reports and improve administrative effectiveness.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are faced with what seems to be a constantly changing formula for funding Medicaid residents. Our experience with Medicaid rate analysis enables us to help our nursing home clients understand the current funding system and maximize their Medicaid funding.

We work with nursing homes across the state of Nebraska, assisting them with annual audits and both Medicaid and Medicare cost report preparation. We also utilize the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid cost report database to establish peer group statistics for comparison of our clients' costs per day.


AMGL has been providing professional services to financial institutions for more than 30 years. Our firm's basic philosophy is to provide excellent client service based on substantial knowledge of, and specialization in, the services to be provided. We recognize that the most important product is prompt and efficient service of the highest quality.

Our present banking practice includes clients of all sizes stretching across Nebraska and into South Dakota. Our services to this group include directors' exams, supervisory exams, corporate income tax, regulatory reporting requirements, and trust department tax work.

Over the years our firm has built up a strong working relationship with the various regulatory authorities, including the Federal Reserve, Comptroller of the Currency, FDIC, National and State Credit Union oversight organizations, and State Banking Department.

We utilize experienced personnel and strive to maintain continuity of personnel from year to year on our various engagements. Our staff are continually seeking out and attending the best seminars and conferences available to ensure our continued competence in the banking industry.


The closely held manufacturer has historically been the strength of our nation's economy and its primary source of jobs. Volatile economic conditions, foreign competition and declining productivity continue to make it difficult for manufacturing to maintain margins and remain competitive in the marketplace. Emphasis is now on efficiency through technological innovation and cost reduction as manufacturers struggle to survive in an increasingly service-oriented economy. Therefore, it takes results-oriented management acting on sound and timely business advice to remain viable and competitive.

We are available to assist you with all of your needs. We can prepare your income tax returns, provide audit, review and compilation services for your financial statements, and will help you select the service that is right for you. But our services don't stop here. As economic conditions and income tax laws change, we are here to provide you with the necessary individualized services you will require.


Construction is a highly volatile industry that needs to respond to on-going changes. Outside factors, including tax requirements, bonding, interest rates, governmental regulations, energy prices and material shortages, often dictate to what degree a construction company will prosper.

We know that closely held businesses frequently find it difficult and costly to internally develop all the expertise necessary to meet the challenges of today's business environment. We understand these problems and will help you meet these challenges with our business, tax, financial and accounting advice.

We can also help you track jobs using the “percentage of completion” method. This method gives you the best picture of profits on your job as the work progresses. We can work with you to develop a system to report jobs using this method.


Our experience demonstrates that the most successful practices have set goals and established long-range plans. By asking the right questions we can assist you in setting your goals and reaching your objectives.

By evaluating internal controls, we can recommend ways to increase profits and reduce costs. We can suggest ways to control overhead, design and/or review partnership or shareholder agreements, establish and/or review retirement and deferred compensation, and determine which business form (C or S corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship) will be most beneficial to your situation.

We can assist you in the supervision and maintenance of your general ledger, prepare interim and annual financial statements, develop and/or review your business plan and offer ideas regarding tax planning and collection monitoring. Our professionals are uniquely qualified to provide you with meaningful and timely information.

Real Estate

Owning real estate, whether commercial or residential is unique. We are able to:

Design efficient accounting systems;
Discuss proper ownership for liability protection;
Provide key performance indicators, such as vacancies, etc.;
Work with lending institutions.